Shifting Brand Positioning for Fashion Retailer

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Shifting Brand Positioning for Fashion Retailer

Business Issue

Our client is a well-known fashion retailer with a strong brand presence, especially amongst higher-class, middle aged female consumers. But they wanted to expand and broaden their reach and customer base to capture some of the growing middle class (specifically C class) and younger segments.

Therefore our client need to understand the C class younger target; their brand perceptions; triggers and motivations for loyal customers and barriers for non-users and identify how to target this segment through brand position, product range and communications.

Our Approach

In order to understand the new target and redefine the brand positioning, we conducted a combined approach consisting social media analysis, cultural investigation; focus group discussions, ethnography and shop alongs, stakeholder interviews and strategic brand workshops.

With this, we helped our client to redefine their brand positioning to target a broader consumer base and to develop clear strategies for targeting C class consumers. We also conducted a complete review and recommendation on layout, logo, merchandising and communications to project a more youthful, lively and fun brand image.

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