It’s All about Fun Play; Kids Communication and Brand Mascot Development

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It’s All about Fun Play; Kids Communication and Brand Mascot Development

Business Issue

Our client, a leading milk manufacturer, was looking to develop a new communications strategy and a mascot for their kids' brand, relevant to core target of 7-8 years; but also applicable to older (9-10 years).

Our Approach

We conducted consumer immersions whereby researcher, client and agency teams did ethnographic observations of kids at play with their friends. We followed this up with a strategic communications workshop to come up with key themes and build ideas for brand mascot development.

We then conducted a series of mini-focus groups with kids, where we used visual cards to enable kids able to articulate associations with key mascots (& key brands) and allowed kids to create their own stories and personalities around the mascots.

As output of the creative workshop, 12 strong creative ideas were developed and we were able to identify the most compelling mascot for kids; recommending personality and tone of voice for the character. Our client has since launched a highly successful new communications; as well as developed a mascot that kids love and engage with in many touchpoints such as on pack and in online games.

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