Market Entrance Study for Audiobook Platform (Indonesia)

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Market Entrance Study for Audiobook Platform (Indonesia)

Business Issues & Project Objectives

A global audiobook and e-book streaming service planned to launch its application in Indonesia, as sound-based content is increasing in popularity with the rise of podcasts, which might pave an easier way for audio-book to reach early tech adopters. A study was needed to identify interest and awareness towards audiobooks, as well as identify core target segment for the app.

Our Approach

Qualitative Online FGDs across consumers’ segments (e.g. Teens, Mums, Professionals) to get understanding on their attitude/behaviour towards online subscriptions, audiobooks and preferences on proposed subscription plans.  Then a Quantitative survey was conducted to quantify consumers’ interest, as well as identify core target segments to tap in.


A comprehensive understanding on consumers habits on online subscriptions and interest towards audiobook.  Identified core target segments in Indonesia market.

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