Market Entry Strategy for Educational Sector

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Market Entry Strategy for Educational Sector

Business Issue

Our client was interested to enter the Indonesian and Malaysian educational markets in a number of key specialist areas and needed business intelligence to support their decisions:

  • Understanding the legal and regulatory landscape for setting up and providing education and training in each country
  • Market understanding to determine the best business model - understanding key sector skills and training needs, anticipated growth, demand for training, potential price points and current training spend levels
  • identifying potential partners to collaborate across the key sectors
  • Broad assessment of and interest in the offer; and how to customize for the needs of the market, and potential demand

Our Approach

We conducted extensive desk research and competitor analysis on the key sectors of interest in each market. We then conducted a series of one on one expert interviews with senior managers, HR managers, workers, recent graduates in each sector; as well as interviews with government officials in key regulatory departments.

With this, we were able to identify the best business best model for our client to enter in each market. We formulated market entry strategy in terms of sectors to approach (and key sub-sectors to focus on), curriculum structure, as well as potential partners.

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