A Lesser Known Category: Understanding Indonesia’s Furniture Market

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A Lesser Known Category: Understanding Indonesia’s Furniture Market

Business Issue

Our client is a foreign furniture manufacturer who want to enter the Indonesian market. Although the market potential of furniture products is huge due to the population size of Indonesia, the source of information is very limited when it comes to the market size and also the consumer behaviour of furniture products. The client needed a comprehensive information about the market size, key channels, buying behaviour, and consumer preference towards furniture style and materials.

Our Approach

Via desk research, we combed through 5 years of secondary data to understand the domestic production, export, and import to generate estimation of the market size, market potential and 5 years CAGR.

We helped our client to understand the furniture consumer's behaviour by conducting online quantitative research in 3 main cities in Indonesia. This method helped us to understand the category penetration, key channels, average spending, types of furniture purchased, and also design and materials preference.
With this thorough understanding, we were able to support our client in sound decision making about how to enter the Indonesia market for this lesser known category.

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