Building Brand Positioning and USP for Tertiary Education Institution Targeting Lower SEC

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Building Brand Positioning and USP for Tertiary Education Institution Targeting Lower SEC

Business Issue

Our client is an overseas education institution targeting the lower SEC segment and wanted to expand into Indonesian market. Client wanted to use a similar business model as their overseas counterpart, however needed to develop a relevant positioning and USP for the local target market.

To help with their brand strategies, client wanted to understand how Indonesian parents and students choose their college and the process that they go through in selecting the colleges. Client also wanted to understand attitudes towards their programmes and perceptions towards competitors' brand image. As client intended to target the lower class SEC potential students, they also needed to understand the target segment's price sensitivities and their perceptions of value.

Our Approach

We conducted the research in two stages through qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We started the research by conducting a series of focus groups in four big cities across Indonesia with parents, current students and potential students to help us explore perceptions, expectations and decision-making dynamics. We also conducted in-depth interviews with employers who have experienced hiring the lower SEC students to understand the perceived value of the tertiary education among potential employers. We then followed with the quantification of the important attributes through a quantitative survey in five big cities in Indonesia with 750 respondents.

Outcome and Project Impact

We mapped out the short-term and long-term strategy for client to build the brand. The We identified the strengths and weaknesses of client's intended positioning vis-à-vis competitors. We also developed recommendations to guide client on areas to focus on at brand level and programme level. Finally, we also identified the most potential programmes, the ideal pricing and communications to attract the target students.

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