Embracing the Un-Normal Series 7 - Using Digital insights to Drive Marketing & Communication Strategy

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Embracing the Un-Normal Series 7 - Using Digital insights to Drive Marketing & Communication Strategy

Digital pivots for working through Covid 19 presentation was a collaboration of 3 speakers from FMCG, Consumer Insights and NGO backgrounds.  The presentation topics were are follows

1. "Being There - how Johnson’s Baby helped mums stay calm at the height of the pandemic" - Presentation by Taffy Ledsama, DDB Indonesia

  • How connect with mums during the pandemic, at a time of heightened anxiety and restricted face-to-face access?
  • Johnson’s Baby took to social media the chance to be there for mums. including 5 Live Sessions with a doctor, from passive to active use of Facebook; from one-way to two-way communication; listening to comments & questions to develop new and relevant content, media supported
  • Being a conduit of relevant information that puts mums more at ease & restoring a sense of control … and making the most of the window of opportunity to be there for mums
  • Valuable lessons learnt - 1. .See the platform as a means to make a meaningful connection with your consumer at critical moments.  2. .Evaluate for impact & insights as well as optimization.  3. Embracing the hard pivot to digital will open up new solutions for brands. 4. Use digital “be there” for your consumer

2.   "Using Digital insights in research" - Presentation by Dawn Herdman, Illuminate Asia

  • During Covid19, Illuminate Asia pivoted 100% to remote & digital methods with a greater reliance on new techniques and new technologies.  For example, Live Qualitative methods (It’s not just about moving FGDs from offline to online, we use various tools, techniques and technology to optimize online live discussion) and Online Communities (using online interface  / platform to interact with consumers over a longer time frame ) and Cultural Insights via AI Technology / Machine Learning  
  • Cultural Insights via AI Technology / Machine Learning  - Developing targeted communications for millennial audiences to encourage engagement in environmental and social issues

3.   "Embracing the un-normal' the role of digital insights in driving communication strategy" - Presentation by Ankur Garg, BBC Media Action Indonesia

  • BBC Media Action's Aksi Kita: Digital output of Kembali Ke Hutan, a mass media green growth governance project.  The audience is urban Indonesian youth (18-30 y/o)
  • The AI research with Illuminate Asia produced a detailed segmentation, details on digital behaviours & views on environmentalism
  • The impact of Covid 19 - Shifts in focus: initial Covid-19 focus, eventual fatigue.  Relationship between covid-19 pandemic and the environment, especially re: economic growth has been investigated
  • Lessons learned:
    • Different responses to content across platforms, but simple doable actions-based content generally performs well
    • Fatigue remains, content should be kept light with comedic element
    • Moving forward: gradual move towards action, focusing on hope, and opportunities highlighted by the pandemic


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