Perceptions and Expectations of Social Media Platform User Controls

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Perceptions and Expectations of Social Media Platform User Controls

Business Issue 

Our client was conducted a study for social media platform to understand how Southeast Asian users perceive controls (how important, what and how much controls they want to have, how they want to use them). They also wanted to learn on how to capitalize on existing controls and educate users about the controls.  

Our Approach 

We conducted six 90-minute dyads between participants with the same level of tech literacy in which they shared their opinions and experiences about using the app controls; including a mix of high and low digital tech-literacy users in the dyads. 

For control ideation, we used Miro board to facilitate participants conveying their ideas about must-have controls, where to access them, how they should look like on the panel/menu.   Participants also completed a post-task by showing how they organize social media posts and answered some questions. 

Outcome and Project Impact 

We did market research in Southeast Asia and gained insights on how the perceptions and must-haves components for user controls vary by tech-literacy. We were also able to understand user expectations and essential items in a control panel from a user perspective. Finally, we could obtain learnings to develop designs on how the control panel should look, feel, and work. 

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