Understanding Jobs of High Calcium Milk​ for Elderly Female Consumers

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Understanding Jobs of High Calcium Milk​ for Elderly Female Consumers

Business Issues & Project Objectives

Our client is a major pharmaceutical company who also manufacture nutrition supplementary products  They wanted to deep dive into high calcium milk category, particularly on what are the jobs of this category for 50+ female consumers segment​

Our Approach

A Jobs To be Done (JTBD) technique was employed (via 16 in-depth interviews), where it allowed deep understanding on context, motivation, consumer’s experience and the specific role of the product in consumers' live​s.  We also conducted product concept and TVC evaluation.

Outcome and Project impact

We were able to identify the several key jobs for high calcium milk category which are relevant to the consumer segment, and identify jobs that are owned uniquely by our client’s brand; also identify jobs which our client’s brand can potentially fill​.  From the concepts and TVC evaluation, we link them also with the jobs, which provide us with a more comprehensive findings and direction​

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