Understanding Consumer Cooking Behaviour in Thailand & Indonesia

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Understanding Consumer Cooking Behaviour in Thailand & Indonesia

Business Issues & Project Objectives

Our client, a large FMCG company, wanted to explore the benefit spaces impacting consumer cooking behaviour and unlock how these manifest themselves in Thailand and Indonesia.  The study intended to provide valuable insights into the nuanced dynamics of consumer behaviour in the culinary realm, aiming to bridge the gap between product benefits and consumer experiences in the context of meal prep and enjoyment.

Our Approach

We conducted 2 stages for this study - a pre-task diary and focus group discussions

Outcome and Project Impact

The research offered strategies for the client to become more engaging to customers, and increase relevance and reliance in consumers' worlds of meal preparation and enjoyment.  We provided actionable recommendations for our client to enhance their positioning in the culinary landscape by aligning with consumer preferences and behaviours.

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