Premium Vitamin, Minerals, and Supplement Category exploration

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Premium Vitamin, Minerals, and Supplement Category exploration

Business Issues & Project Objectives

Our client is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the market.  The Vitamin, Minerals, and Supplement (VMS) market is experiencing significant growth and offers promising opportunities for expansion.  They needed to understand this market before launching a competitive offer, with a unique selling point

Our Approach

We conducted a mixed methodological approach, including: 

  • Mini Focus groups with consumers of Premium VMS category
  • In-depth interviews with store managers/ sales promoters
  • Semiotics analysis of mass premium and premium vitamin brands involves the examination of brand communication materials and packaging to uncover hidden meanings, symbols, and cultural associations.

Outcome and Project Impact

A deep understanding about premium VMS consumers’ lifestyle and psychographic needs. A plan for introducing their umbrella brand of all premium VMS category is set, and will be launched in the market.  We developed a mapping of premium VMS market in Indonesia, including weaknesses and strengths of each category

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