Multi-market concept evaluation in cough category

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Multi-market concept evaluation in cough category

Business Issues & Project Objectives

Our client, a well-known company that produces consumer health products, wanted to develop a new product portfolio for their cough medicine product. Thus, they needed to conduct a study to validate their product concepts (acceptance, overall liking, comprehension, relevancy) as well as understanding the suitability of the proposed products to their global positioning in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, and South Africa

Our Approach

For Indonesia, Cambodia and South Africa, we conducted a Face-to-Face Quantitative Survey with Purposive Sampling and total 639 respondents.  For Malaysia, we conducted online survey with 358 respondents

Outcome and Project impact

We identified the brand awareness and usage of cough medicine product in each country. We were also able to identify concept in all countries and give recommendation on which product should be prioritized. consumer’s preference towards cough medicine category across all country.  Lastly, we were able to point out the acceptance of each product

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