Ini Indonesiaku

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Ini Indonesiaku

Business Issue

Our client, a leader in FMCG, was looking to position one of their main snacking brands as the most ‘Indonesian" snack, with the tagline "Ini Indonesiaku" (‘this is my Indonesia'). This was a challenge as the broad communication theme of Indonesian heritage and Indonesian pride was being used by many brands, both within the F&B category and in other categories. So the client's key challenge was to come up with a strong communication idea that was differentiating and expressed emergent ideals of Indonesian pride; yet also fit with the brand's underlying brand architecture and vision.

Our Approach

We conducted an extensive cultural and semiotics investigation to identify residual, dominant and emergent codes of ‘Indonesianess' (what it means to be Indonesian); as well as expert interviews, consumer focus groups and a semiotic review of relevant advertising and packaging (both of F&B/FMCG brands and of other categories). We were able to identify the emergent expressions of Indonesian pride and identified a differentiated communication theme that the brand team successfully used in developing their advertising.

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