Driving Online Youth Engagement for Social Issues (Indonesia + Cambodia)

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Driving Online Youth Engagement for Social Issues (Indonesia + Cambodia)

Business Issue

Our client, a highly respected international media organisation, was involved in developing digital content as an important social mobilisation tool, to influence millennials to take action on key social, political and environmental issues.​  The research piece aimed to identify understand millennial behaviours online and to identify key archetypes within the target, to identify ways to engage them with these important issues in the online forum

Our approach

In each market, Illuminate conducted Ai (artificial intelligence / machine-based learning) Semiotic and Cultural Analysis. By doing this, we fed the Ai with several hundreds digital sources (blogs, social media etc) and using Natural Language processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) was able to filter the data and provide quotes or snippets of relevant information; which we analyzed and produced a series of springboards and archetypes ​

We also conducted an online community with millennials in various locations in Indonesia and Cambodia to understand online behaviours more fully (digging the reasons why certain content elicits engagement) and also testing out broad content ideas​.

Outcome and Project Impact

We identified key architypes and recommended content strategy for each, in order to promote higher engagement in the social topics of interest.​

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