Generating Media Content to Resonate and Impact with Indonesian Women

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Generating Media Content to Resonate and Impact with Indonesian Women

Business Issue 

As part of a global ethnography study for a highly respected international media organisation which aimed to help reach more women, increase content relevance and impact with them.. To achieve this, they needed to have a holistic understanding of Indonesian women such as their beliefs, their aspirations and how social and cultural aspects shape the way they see the world and influence their news consumption and preference toward media contents. 

Our Approach 

A 7-day online ethnography with women aged 25–45-year-old from diverse social and cultural backgrounds in two big cities in Indonesia; as well as in-depth interviews to tune in to their world. To understand their consumption and view on news and contents, we also did observation and content analysis with data gathered from their social media accounts through contents they share with us. 

Outcome and Project Impact 

We gained understandings on how women see the world; as well as how social and culture aspects influence how they see and position themselves in life. These understandings allowed us to identify types of content that most resonate with them. 

Moreover, we identified women’s news habits as well as drivers and barriers to news consumption. Finally, we also explored and mapped women’s content preference to help our client produce actionable recommendations to reach and increase relevance to Indonesian women.  

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