Future of F&B Consumption in Thailand

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Future of F&B Consumption in Thailand

Business Issues & Project Objectives

Our client, one of the biggest FMCG companies in the world, wanted explore how current global factors shape consumer preferences in the food and beverage industry.  This very broad study aimed to gather insights to inform strategies to enhance the company's brand positioning by aligning products with changing consumer behaviours within the broader context of global dynamics.

Our Approach

We conducted the research in Bangkok across several months -Pre-task followed by In-depth exploratory interviews with 20-67 years olds 

Outcome and Project Impact

Understanding of the relationship between current world conditions and consumer values and behaviour regarding food and beverages to ensure alignment with the values and preferences of the target audience in the context of the broader global landscape.

The very forward, long term insights were able to help our client map out a road map of future innovations across the F&B categories that they operate in.

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