Exploring TikTok Live Selling Phenomenon in Indonesia

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Exploring TikTok Live Selling Phenomenon in Indonesia

Business Issues & Project Objectives

The research sought to create a distinctive live selling experience by examining the norms utilized in language, gestures, visuals, colours, and backgrounds by conducting focus groups with both consumers and sellers and utilizing semiotics analysis of the top 99 live sellers on Tiktok in Indonesia. This comprehensive methodology will provide practical insights for businesses seeking to optimize their live selling strategies. 

We also explore the challenges that businesses face while using the live streaming e-commerce feature and how live shopping can be a medium for brand building activities.

Our Approach

Semiotic and quantitative analysis of Top 99 TikTok Live Selling Videos. The data is collected through data scraping from Top 99 Live Selling in two periods: (1) last week of May 2023, and (2) first week of June 2023

Qualitative FGD with sellers who utilize live-selling as their medium and consumers who have bought products via live shopping.

Outcome and Project Impact

We were able to identify the key strategies that sellers use to attract and engage with consumers and the business impact of live selling. Furthermore, consumers shopping journey and their trigger to purchase via live-selling also identified.

By doing quantitative and semiotics analysis on Top 99 Sellers videos, we can map out the segmentation and decipher the codes of live-selling. This is achieved through the analysis of mimics, gestures, visuals, lingos, and music featured in the live-selling video.

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