Exploring the use & understanding of AI and mobile search engines

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Exploring the use & understanding of AI and mobile search engines

Business Issues & Project Objectives

Our client, an established software company, is launching mobile search engine with AI features. Hence, they was looking to understand users’ habit in using mobile search engine as well as their comprehension and usage towards AI in their daily life.  Furthermore, the client also wanted to understand how users compare the usage between their mobile search engine to their usual search engine.

Our Approach

We conducted a two-phase qualitative UX research with a mix of online ethnography and in-depth interviews involving users across age groups and digital literacy.

Outcome and Project Impact

Comprehensive understanding on how users utilize mobile search engine in their daily life (e.g. topic range, expansion from search engines to other apps under the same developer).  Understanding on how users comprehend and utilize AI  - which further provided feedback on how users expect to use AI in daily life.  These inputs will be used to understand what can potentially convert users to use client’s mobile search engine.


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