Exploring the changing Concept of Fun in Snacks in Indonesia

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Exploring the changing Concept of Fun in Snacks in Indonesia

Business Issues & Project Objectives

Our client is one of the biggest snack producers in Indonesia, who wanted to understand and explore the concept of fun across generations.  They aimed to rejuvenate 5 of their brands, including potato chips, casava chips, and extruded snack category, by developing relevant communications around fun in snacking to target junior /senior high & college students, first jobbers and mums with kids

Our Approach

We conducted a mixed methodology including;

  • Semiotic analysis of FUN and of key snack brands to uncover the cultural changes in how the current young generations perceive FUN as well as finding the place of each of client’s brands across the fun spectrum and also against the competitors.
  • Focus Group Discussions with users of each snack category,
  • Workshop using Lego Serious Play method - mapping the concept of FUN from Semiotics and Focus Groups, then building the identity of each of client’s brand

Outcome and Project Impact

The semiotics study identified the codes of fun relevant to each of the target market groups – it was evident that the concept of fun is very different by life stage.  Applying semiotics findings in the workshop, give clearer comprehension of different FUN Concept should be applied to each brand according to their target segment

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