Developing New Beverage Category in Philippines

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Developing New Beverage Category in Philippines

Business Issues & Project Objectives

Our client, a global beverages company, was looking to launch a new category of beverages across several key markets, including Philippines.  Therefore, we needed to understand the potential opportunities for this new category, and test out product prototypes, positioning, name, packaging etc by doing the market research.

Our Approach

We placed a range of products in-home for in-situ consumption, to understand how consumers use the beverages and how beverages pair with various foods and situations via an online pre-task diary,  We followed up this stage with a series of online mini-focus group discussions; across a range of demographic and psychographic groups in Philippines

Outcome and Project Impact

We identified positioning space for the new product category that fits target Pilipino consumers and key potential consumption moments.   All key brand and product elements were optimized, ready for in-market launch – naming, packaging, product concept and descriptions, product flavour attributes, consumption occasions etc

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