A day in the life of Pet Parents in Indonesia & Philippines

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A day in the life of Pet Parents in Indonesia & Philippines

Business Issues & Project Objectives

A leading pet food company conducted exploratory research with pet parents (owners) in Indonesia and Philippines.​  In Indonesia, the focus was to understand how pet parents take care and feed their cats, in order to create positioning of their current pet food brand.  In Philippines, the interest was to dog owners.

Our Approach

A series of consumer home visits in each country,  to witness how consumers feed their  cats/dogs, what pet food they provide, as well as if there are any additional nutritional supplements involved.

Outcome and Project Impact

Understanding of how Indonesian /Filipino pet parents feed their cats/dogs. Furthermore, we also gained insights on relevant touch points as well as aspirations from pet parents regarding their animal’s nutrition.  The capture of real-life situations on how consumers feed their cats/dogs, which documented in photos and videos compilation.

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