TikTok LiveShopping Study - invitation to attend

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TikTok LiveShopping Study - invitation to attend

Illuminate Asia, together with DigitalSEA Indonesia, is conducting a study with the goal to understand the consumers’ experience and journey during Live-Shopping, the sellers’ key success factors in conducting Live-Selling, and the cultural norms used by the top sellers in TikTok to sell their products.
The study will provide an understanding and brief insights into consumers’ motivation, and how to build your brand through Live-Selling using the proper brand assets.
Our study will use a semiotic analysis of 100 videos and a series of online group discussions (2 groups of consumers/shoppers and 1 of sellers).

To register, go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeAH85tjAU1ULn07rPwHOYuebNncVMA9rwLSRlu0kwgf9V-vQ/viewform .

Look forward to your participation in our live group discussions so you can learn more about TikTok Live-Shopping for your brand!
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