Announcing our New Focus Group Facility in Jakarta

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Announcing our New Focus Group Facility in Jakarta

Are you ready for a fresher, more direct way to observe focus groups? We're excited to introduce our new FGD facility, at Arkadia Office Park, Jakarta Indonesia; a step up from the old one-way mirror method. Now, you don't have to sit in a dark room to understand your audience.

Our setup includes a 360-degree HD camera with omni-directional microphone. This means you can see and hear everything as if you're sitting right in the middle of the group, all from anywhere you like. It's simple: better views lead to better insights.

Why stick to watching from the dark when you can get up close? Our new method lets you catch every detail without missing a thing. And the best part? You can do this from your office, your home, or anywhere in between.

We believe in making research easy and insightful. Our modern facility is designed to bring you closer to your audience without complicating things.

See how our focus group facility can make your projects clearer and your insights deeper.

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