Raising the EQ in Telco Brand Communication in Indonesia (2015)

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Raising the EQ in Telco Brand Communication in Indonesia (2015)

Mobile phones have become essential for most Indonesians, and many now find themselves being unable to function properly in daily life without them. With a rise in mobile subscriptions telco companies have answered this by fiercely competing in offering appealing services to consumers.

With increased competition telco companies are evolving in their communication style. Initially telco communications were more literal and functional. With messages generally focusing on price (e.g. cheaper package, bonuses, free calls, etc.), speed (e.g. faster connection, minimum loading time, uninterrupted connection), strength of connection and coverage. However, now communications are more consumer-focused, more dynamic, emotional and interactive.

For example, Telkomsel has worked on updating its image; making it more current, fresh and sophisticated. Most notably, the launch of LOOP, a new brand targeting the youth segment (12 - 19 years old), which not only offers mobile-phone related services (e.g. music, internet) but provides platforms for young consumers to interact and enrich their lives in their website; e.g. sharing interests (music, sports, school lives), talking about youth-relevant topics in forums and even having offline events (e.g. LOOPKEPO) in several cities in Indonesia. Here is the example of Loop ads.

Another change is the release of Halo Hybrid, which communicates around the notion of ‘being in control of your life', touching the emotional aspect. The visuals convey a aspirational image of success sophistication and affluence via images of a metropolitan skyline, a luxury car, a smartly dressed model (an actor known for his achievement in international scene); It is vastly different from previous kartuHalo's image.

Another example of this shift, which has undergone axis and launched a new logo in late 2014. XL's communications embodies these values. Delivering messages of overcoming obstacles and change to become better rather than just purely functional focus.

This shift in sophistication of emotional message of telco's in Indonesia is in line with an interestingly sophisticated consumer base. It will be more interesting to see where this trend leads in future.