Consumer insights

We provide you with the elusive “Aha!” moment when we uncover the human truth. We translate consumer and market intelligence, research data and knowledge to deliver you clear actionable insights.
We use a range of insighting tools including:

  • Qualitative Research Tools
    • Focus Group Discussions and In-depth interviews
    • Observation and Ethnography
    • Online insight communities
    • Neuromarketing
    • Co-creation & ideation
    • Expert interviews
    • Kids research
  • Quantitative Research Tools
    • Face to face interviewing
    • Online surveys
    • Neuromarketing
  • Big Data
    • Face to face interviewing
    • Data Mining
  • Behavioural economics


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Cultural insights and trends

People do not just consume products, they consume cultural symbols conveyed by the brand. Passionate about culture, we utilise semiotics approaches to understand cultural meanings behind consumer behaviour, brands and marketing. We map cultural change, identifying emergent future trends so you can make smarter decisions for the future based on what’s happening next.

As clients, you will get a sharper interpretation of consumer behaviour and trends through our semiotic approach.


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Brand and marketing strategy

We work closely with you to help craft and fine tune your strategy and approach for your brand and your marketing needs for the target market.

Our brand & marketing strategy development approach is multidisciplinary, using behavioural science, neuromarketing, and semiotic thinking to identify actionable insights and translate them into a unique yet relevant brand and marketing strategy.

  • Brand Strategy - we help craft and define what your brands stands for and what promises it makes, the personality it conveys
  • Marketing Strategy - we help you understand your customers and target, and then we help you to translate this knowledge to craft and define the long term marketing strategy and approach for your business.


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Business intelligence

We understand Indonesia, the market and how to do business in Indonesia; so we can help you navigate into and through the challenging market to maximise the opportunities for your success.

  • Market Entry Strategy - – Illuminate understands Indonesia, the market, its consumers and its regulations – we understand its potential and its pitfalls. We will help you find the best opportunities for your business, your products, services and your brand within this complex market. We will help you navigate how to set up your business offer here.


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