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February 07, 2020

Understanding the Indonesian online shopping journey and how to position a fintech product to best fit the consumer needs

Business Issue
Our client, a regional bank, was looking to launch a new digital credit facility in Indonesia; so they needed to understand the consumer's online shopping journey and how to position their new offer to the client (which benefits to prioritise, where to position the information during the shopper journey).

Our Approach
We conducted an accompanied shopping expedition with shoppers, via 1-2 hour in-depth interviews and observations. We included shoppers of varying profiles, shopping for different categories and different Rupiah values. It was also important to include those with different relationships with credit (transactors vs revolvers). We used the Lookback program to observe and document their online shopping behaviours in real time.


Outcome and Project Impact
We identified what product positioning and features will engage transactors and revolvers to use the fintech product. We also identified where our client should engage different shopper profiles within their journeys and when to communicate key product information to them most effectively. Finally, we identified how to best engage shoppers within leading Indonesian e-commerce platforms.